Told about me

Petr Krontorád, Vice President, Software Engineering, NetSuite Czech Republic s.r.o.:

„I strongly recommend Coaching by Milan Prypon to everyone who really wants to change himself, or for those who feel that something is not as it should be. He has extraordinary skills to help you to understand yourself, find meaningfull goals and right direction to achieve them. He provides you a set of valid tools to overcome obstacles and change non-productive attitudes. With him you learn how to reach your „peaks“ without pulling or pushing as he has a capabilty to work gently and sensitively with client’s rigid mindset.“

Jiří Svěrák, Country Manager pro ČR a SR, EMC Czech Republic s.r.o.:

„Cooperation with Mr. Prypoň helped me to break through a huge management challenge and high scope of authority and responsibility connected with my assignment to role of country manager of EMC for Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2014. With his help I managed to develop new strategy to lead enterprise business. In addition he helps me to make necessary personnal changes and increase my personal visibility on IT market. His active participation in EMC kick off in 2014, where all the employees appeared before merging both branches had a long term impact on our performance. His leadership message was and still is reminded by my colleagues and myself.“

Pavel Flek, R&D country manager – Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o. – Jičín:

„Coaching with Milan Prypon helped me and my team members to change our long term management style and habits. He is looking for the sipmle substance of the problem solution in current very complex working environment. His coaching and workshops with my team gave me a new perspective to look at things in a different way. I discovered my new leadership potential by retaining of my freedom by keeping my personal values, but be open to start long term changes. At the same time to create the space for creativity and responsibility of others. Cooperation with Milan Prypon was for me very inspiring, pleasant, factual and aplicative in real business environment.“