Ing. Milan Prypoň, MBA

Ing. Milan Prypoň, MBA

During my management and entrepreneur career within last 30 years I have met and led a lot of very skilled and knowledgeable people. But only few of them had reached their personal goals, career progress and real success. The question is WHY only few?

I have worked with companies from different segments of the market, in scale from small subcontractors to large corporations. All do business in a good and bad times, but only some of those are still at the top. How is this possible, what makes their results so different?

My seminars and lectures help you how to increase your work efficiency in effort to reach a managerial success. You can learn and discover how to make your company more adaptable to changes, and how to retain your key people. You will improve your time management, the ability and willingness to delegate, and thus capitalize the potential and capabilities of your people. You learn how to quickly identify a personal typology of people around you and to find their motivation accelerators. When hiring, you will be able to recognize if candidate fits into your corporate culture and if he is able to meet your expectations.

Thanks to coaching you will absorb the basic principles of how to work efficiently with your energy and emotions in effort to improve your leadership skills. I help you develop self-motivational practices which will cost you nothing except your effort. Jointly we will uncover the barriers of your career progress and we will find the most appropriate way how to overcome them.

Executive workshops and seminars will help you not only to analyse and identify the attributes of your corporate culture and the current stage of your company development, but mainly to prepare and manage changes which bring you closer to the expected results. I help you understand what are the barriers of the further growth of your company. You will be able to get her into a course that supports your vision and objectives. Each content is prepared solely by demand of the top management or the owners of the company.

Corporate Training Programs are useful for Talent management, Development or Retention management programs. They are suitable mainly during the company change process or after the completion of mergers or acquisitions. They will help you to implement fundamental changes in the structure of the company, or the introduction and implementation of a new corporate culture. I can help you respond and resolve specific challenges with the development of your people.

Open courses I recommend to all of you who want to work on your development, or you are at the stage of looking for an employer, where you will have the greatest chance of success and satisfaction. I am offering them also to a best-class educational agencies that want to have experienced manager in the portfolio of the lecturers. I can offer appropriate link of my own gained experience to help the challenges of their clients.

I wish you all a peace on mind and look forward to meet you soon.

Milan Prypoň