„Unless we change direction, we get exactly to the point, where we are going…“ John Whitmore

  • Managers are „also“ people and people on average use only 40% of their potential. Why? Limit is the structure and procedures applied in companies and firms and not appropriate support and opportunities for development. Sometimes, they lack a self confidence. In the depths of the soul, everyone wants to have a choice and wants to take responsibility for own decisions.
  • There are many ways of coaching. The essence of my way is to help you find your own path to independence and self-sufficiency, to increase your confidence in your own abilities and help you take full responsibility for your behaviour. My offer is partnership for discussion, the path to discover your potential and help improve your perception of the reality. I can help you release and maximize your best capabilities.
  • With regard to logistics, I am ready to adjust my schedule to your time possibilities and needs. I recommend 2–4-hour meeting at least once a month. Personal meeting is possible to complement by phone-coaching in the case of the urgency.
  • In the case of interest please contact me via the form on the front side of the WEB page.