Do you feel that your management team:

… is loosing the motivation and ability to act?

… have problems with decision-making?

… needs to change from managers to leaders?

… is lost within corporate bureaucracy and administration?

is not able to retain the key people?

… is hesitating to prepare own successors?

… is prepared to cultivate or change corporate culture?

… is not ready for the changes (the market, internal reorganization, the behavior of the competition)?

… cannot set SMARTER goals?

… get lost in change management?

… is not able to manage stakeholders expectation?

Without knowing what are real causes of your problems, you will be always trying to find solutions based only on consequences. My workshops will help you to analyze and clarify the real source of your challenges. The results will encourage your managers to find appropriate solution and open their mind.

Prior to the training I will analyze together with you not only the basic demand, but specify any hidden needs and expectations. This significantly streamline and intensify the learning process itself and you receive is what you really need.

The output of the workshop is an action plan with the dedicated responsible owners and deadlines for implementation. After a period of 6–12 months I recommend the meeting with the sponsor for the evaluation of the implementation and summary of achieved results. If appropriate, we will prepare a further correction plan for the following period. Following this process we can significantly improve probability for success and increase the confidence of participants to reach expected improvement and positive change.

Additional advantage is my flexibility. You do not need to adapt yourselves to the terms of provider because the duration, date and place is arranged based on your requirements and possibilities.